In Solitude

Finally finished editing my project from the Fall Workshop in Auburn…at least for the time being.

Brad Best is a recovering alcoholic living in Auburn, NY. He began drinking as a teenager in high school. As a former roofer, he would spend most of his income at strip clubs, buying beer and tipping talent. One rainy night, he was too drunk to drive home from a bar and told one of his employees to drive him home, who was also drunk. They crashed into a ditch, Best hit his head, and ended up in a coma. While in the coma, his injuries required brain surgery, and led to the loss of his right eye. When he awoke from the coma, Best decided to stop drinking altogether, but continued to smoke pot. His lifestyle, in conjunction with his injuries resulted in lengthy stays in three different institutions. The events in his life have led to a life of solidarity. His family lives about one mile away, but do not come around to visit often. The only interaction he has with other people on a normal basis is during Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Outside these meetings, Best spends his time at home during the day with not much to occupy his time. He writes letters for therapy, listens to the radio and watches the news for entertainment.

Special thanks to Brad Best, Lisa Krantz, Chris Collins, Mahala Gaylord.

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