get Carlos to Columbia

June 9, 2012 - The Barons of Tang | Post World Tour

“In 2011 after touring the states with the Barons, I decided to travel to Colombia where my folks are from, to visit a man by the name of Andres “El Turco” Gil. “The turk” is an expert on the 3 row diatonic button accordion some say the best teacher in Colombia and after studying under him for 2 weeks He invited me to come back to his school  whenever I wanted.
The point of all of this is to develop the skills and gain the inspiration to create my own compositions following in the tradition but revolutionising the styles of folkloric and afro colombian music that i love, into something that has not been heard before.The working title i have for this project is “Impossible Monsters”
I will facilitate a core group of like minded and creatively ethical musicians and hopefully find ways to fund further explorations to Colombia and the Americas in order to get the traditional elements solid enough to break the rules in a precisely extraordinary way.”
Check out his pledge campaign and help Carlos get to Columbia!

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